Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Series

With the Mets collapse now securely in the recent past, I am really looking forward to the 2007 World Series.  The best, and most interesting team in the American League versus the hottest team in the history of our great game.

The Colorado Rockies against the Boston Red Sox is the perfect matchup.  The team that nobody knows about against the team that everyone knows too much about.  It’s a great opportunity for the Rockies, and a great opportunity for MLB to showcase its newfound parity. 

This time of year, everyone complains if the Yankees or Red Sox are in the Series AGAIN, because that just proves that only big payrolls can succeed (even though over the last 6 years, only one team with a payroll over 100 million dollars has won it all: The Red Sox) in baseball.  But, if two teams like the Cardinals and Tigers make it to the Series, then they say it’s just boring and nobody cares.  Everyone complains about the TV ratings.  What, does everyone have a Program Director fantasy league now?

The fact is, the NLCS between the Rox and Diamondbacks was great for baseball.  A new city in the playoffs every year?  Sign me up!  And the Red Sox versus the Rockies?  It’s the best of both worlds.  The Sox will bring in the ratings, and the Rox will blow people away with their Cinderella story.

Buring questions beg for answers.  Will the Rockies ever lose a game ever again?  Will Aaron Cook be effective after so much time on the DL?  Who will start in place of the injured Tim Wakefield?  Will Jacoby Ellsbury shine on the big stage?  Will the Rockies be hurt by their eight-day layoff? Will Daisuke Matsuzaka return to form? 

Speaking of Dice-K, remember all that talk in the sports media about how Japanese pitchers are tougher than major league pitchers, and don’t rely on pitch counts?  Well, once again, a Japanese superstar couldn’t stand up to the rigors of a MLB season.  Remember Hideo Nomo?  Kaz Ishii?  The Fat Toad?

What the sports media forgot to tell you is that the Japanese season lasts only 135 games, as opposed to MLB’s 162 game grind.  Also, Japanese pitching rotations generally consist of six men, rather than five.  So as it turns out, Japanese pitchers really aren’t any better than MLB hurlers.  Nothing against Japanese baseball – Speaking from personal experience, you’d be hard pressed to find more loyal fans on the planet – but I think the sports media owes us a retraction.

Enough of the tangent, here are my predictions:

1. Manny Ramirez will not run out a single at bat, but he will have a key RBI somewhere along the line.

2. Josh Beckett will continue to cement his reputation as one of the best postseason pitchers ever.

3. Troy Tulowitzki will be the Series MVP.

4. The Rockies will win in six games.

Enjoy, everyone!


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