At Least They Can Put Up a Banner

Well, as it turns out, the eight-day layoff did hurt the Rockies.  The Red Sox are a great team, but I can’t believe that they are that much better than the team that won 21 of 22. 

The Rockies did all that winning against tough opponents, tough pitchers, and pressure situations.  They beat the Dodgers, Padres, and Diamondbacks.  They beat Lowe, Broxton, and Maddux.  They rallied against Trevor Hoffman in a one-game playoff to make the playoffs.  They steamrolled a smoking hot Phillies team and buried the team with the best record in the National League, beating the likes of Hamels and Webb along the way. 

But then came the layoff.  During that time, the carriage reverted to its pumpkin state, Kaz Matsui folded under pressure like an accordian, and Josh Fogg remembered that he was Josh Fogg.  Suddenly, it was the 2006 Rockies versus the Red Sox. 

The layoff is the only explanation why a team as hot and talented as this could have been swept out of the World Series, no matter who was the opponent.

Meanwhile, Theo Epstein continues to make baseball geeks like yours truly wish he had studied Bill James’s Baseball Abstract a little more closely.  You mean I could be a GM for a World Champion instead of working in a cubicle?  Hmmph.  Well, take comfort, it’s not that easy.  Just ask Jon Daniels.

The Red Sox are truly a class organization.  They are the Yankees of the 90s now.  They are the new evil empire.  With their young nucleous and talented management, they should contend for a few more championships before they are through.

In the meantime, The Rockies have nothing to be ashamed of.  After they were eliminated from the playoffs in 1995, they hung a banner on the outfield wall that read "Wild Card Winner 1995."  After a few years, they realized how silly that looked and took it down.  Now, they finally get to hang a banner on their wall.  They are the National League Champions, and that is something to be proud of.  They now have a history.  Now the question is, will they build upon it, or have a let down in 2008?  For right now, it’s hard to tell who the real Rockies are.

By the way, how pissed off must Red Sox fans be to know that from the eighth inning on, all the Fox announcers talked about were the Yankees?  Thanks, A-Rod.  In the words of Billy Joel, "The Yankees grab the headlines every time."


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