Out on a Limb

Well, I haven’t posted in a while.  That’s because I was busy fishing for tree limbs in Lake George, NY.  But, thanks to the fickle Adirondack weather, I still had plenty of time to follow the Mets.  Here’s a quick summary of where they stand now:

Starting Pitching: Check

Lineup: Check

Bench: Check

Energy Provided By Young Players: Check (Thanks, Messrs Murphy, Evans, A. Reyes)

Manager and Coaching Staff: Check

Bullpen: In dire need of a miracle

The bullpen was bad enough, but now they are hopeless without Billy Wagner.  And Wagner’s elbow pain raises all kinds of red flags.  Pain + Joint + 37 years old = possible season ending injury.  But we’ll let the doctor decide.

 It would be swell if Luis Ayala can jump in and return to his 2006 form, but he hasn’t had his 2006 form since…2006.  It was worth the risk, not that Anderson Hernandez is much of a risk, but the Mets need some stability in the bullpen, or else Johan Santana better get used to pitching complete games.

Fortunately for the Mets, the rest of the NL East has issues as well.  The Mets have a good a chance as anyone to win the division, and they just might do it.  And that’s not going out on a limb.


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