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Midsummer Classic

Last night’s All-Star Game should be considered a classic.  The American league won, 4-3, on a sac fly by Michael Young in the 15th inning.  And the players and managers actually looked like they were trying to win the game.  And yet, all we hear in its wake is incessant whining by the media, the fans, and some players, that pitchers were overused, guys who
ASG.jpgpitched on Sunday shouldn’t have been used, Brad Lidge shouldn’t have warmed up so many times (actually, I agree with that one…but that goes for any game), bla, bla, bla. 

OK, then, in light of all that, allow me to fix the ASG for everyone.  It’s really really easy.

First, I have mixed feelings about the ASG deciding home field advantage in the World Series.  It does seem to inspire the players, but who wants an ASG to decide such an important event?  So let’s can that rule.  It should just be an exhibition. 

Second (here comes the easy part), expand the rosters to 40 players.  Designate five pitchers and five batters to play ONLY IN THE EVENT OF EXTRA INNINGS, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Let’s call them “Second Team All-Stars.”  What’s wrong with doing that?

There, problem solved.  Now, let’s all enjoy the second half.