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OK, Mets management, I know you’re reading this blog (apparently, you’re the only ones), but I know you’ve been having some problems lately with David Wright’s throwing.  Like the people who sit in the field boxes down the first-base line have to wear helmets.  Well, MFT has the solution for you!  It’s simple.

Wright often makes throwing errors when he has time.  He takes the ol’ crow hop, then wings one into the tarp.  When he has to hurry, his throw is usually on the money.  So, why not tell David to grab the ball and throw it as fast as he can.  Treat every play as if it’s a close play. 

He won’t have time to think, “Hmm, I threw the ball away last time.  I won’t do that again.  Or will I?  I have a history of doing things like that.  But, come on, I won the Gold Glove last year!  I don’t know how, I DID make 21 errors.  But I’m popular, and I don’t take steroids.  So that has to count for something, right?  OK, here goes, I’m going to make a great throw, right into Ol’ Baldie’s glove.  Here goes.  Oh, crap, the runner is almost there.  OK, steady Davey boy, you’re a major league third baseman.  You can do this.  You won a Gold Glove.  Here goes…………Ah, dammit!”

So, David, just throw the ball.  No crow hop.  Trust your instincts.  You can do it.  We believe in you.