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What Year is This?

So far, the 2008 season has been an extension of the 2007 season for the New York Mets.  In particular, they have been plagued by an inconsistent lineup and an unreliable bullpen.

When David Wright and Jose Reyes are hitting, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado are not.  When Luis Castillo and Carlos Beltran are hitting, David Wright and Jose Reyes are not.  The only reliable member of this lineup has been Ryan Church.  Who thought that would happen?

The primary offensive offenders have been Carlos Delgado and Jose Reyes.  Delgado is clinging to the Mendoza line like a man overboard, and Reyes has fewer stolen bases than Luis Castillo, who is still recovering from knee surgery, and an OBP a mere three points higher than Johan Santana.  Come to think of it, Santana has as many doubles as Delgado.

In the ‘pen, Aaron Heilman and Jorge Sosa have been torched like Daffy Duck, standing on
250px-Rabbit_Fire.jpgthe mound with their bills twisted around to the back of their head after giving up another huge homerun.  Is that you, Aaron?

What is most frustrating is the lack of options the Mets have.  Heilman was their most reliable setup man last year, and they need him to be again.  Duaner Sanchez has looked good early on, but he hasn’t pitched in a year and a half.  The Mets would be wise to play it safe with him.  Sosa can probably be replaced with Nelson Figueroa once Pedro Martinez gets back, but there are no real viable options in the minors.  In the lineup, you have to stick with Jose Reyes, and of course, who’s going to play first base if you give up on Delgado?  Marlon Anderson?  Of course, Mike Carp is hitting .442 in Double-A.  On the other hand, Mike Carp is hitting .442 in Double-A.

No, the Mets just have to ride it out.  The Mets have to hope Delgado can at least put up the same numbers he put up last year, and Heilman can stop throwing the freaking ball down the middle of the plate all the time.

They also have to hope that Philadelphia and Atlanta continue to be equally as mediocre.  And the first-place Marlins?  Yeah right.