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Picking Up Where They Left Off

The Mets have picked up in 2008 exactly where they left off in 2007.

  • Jose Reyes isn’t hitting
  • El Duque, Pedro Martinez, Duaner Sanchez, and Moises Alou are hurt, and nowhere near coming back
  • The bullpen can’t get anyone out
  • Luis Castillo is looking like he is on the decline, and his knees are bugging him again (Gee, it would have been nice to have Ruben Gotay around right about now, huh?)
  • Oliver Perez is still flaky – he hasn’t allowed a run in two starts, but at the end of his last start today, he was barely even throwing the ball in the general direction of home plate
  • Despite his great Spring, John Maine now looks more like Burt Young than Cy Young
  • Their opposition is making big plays in the field, and coming up with clutch hits.  The Mets aren’t
  • Willie Randolph is actually getting WORSE at handling the bullpen.  Why did he double-switch in Jorge Sosa today just to take him out the very next inning?  You double switch in a pitcher when you want to get multiple innings out of him.  Willie’s been in the National League long enough. He should know how to handle pitchers by now.

It’s early, but there is no reason to think the Mets haven’t gotten over their 2007 collapse.  Maybe it wasn’t a collapse, maybe it was just the Mets playing as well as they can.  Maybe they’re just not that good.

Johan Santana must be feeling very lonely right now.