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Collapse II

So what happens on a day when your ace gives you 8 solid innings of 2-run ball against your fiercest divisional opponent and leaves with a three-run lead?  Why, your bullpen blows the game in the ninth, of course.  And in spectacular fashion.  It wasn’t just a failure, it was a failure of EPIC proportions. 

Maybe Jerry Manuel should have left Johan Santana in, but I agree with his decision.  Santana’s outs in the eighth inning were hard outs.  A line drive, a deep fly ball to Beltran, not to mention the line-drive double (following a foul line drive) by Pat Burrell.

In any event, teams do not recover from losses like this.  I’ve given up on this season before, only to see the Mets battle back into contention.  But they won’t overcome this loss.  Time to think about 2009.

And yes, I am ripping off Mets Blog with the Charlie Brown pic.



R.A. Dickey may very well be the single worst pitcher in the history of Major League Baseball.  And he shut out the Mets. 

Felix Hernandez never had an at bat in the major leagues before.  And he hit a grand slam off of a 94 mph fastball out of the strike zone (with his eyes closed – check the video).

Johan Santana has a 2.04 ERA in his last four starts.  And he’s 0 and 4. 

Only the Mets. 

They are now 3-4 under Jerry Manuel.  Guess it wasn’t the manager after all, huh?  Clearly, their chance to win it all was in 2006.  It’s time to cut the dead weight (Delgado, Castillo, etc.) and rebuild around Reyes and Wright.

The rest of us get to live with the embarassment of being Mets fans.  But we’re used to that, aren’t we?