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Turning Point?

The Mets have been trudging through a swamp of mediocrity all season.  They needed something.  Something to blow up the status quo, and open the floodgates.  Fernando Tatis may have done it.

Fernando_T01.jpgTatis was a dangerous hitter with the late-nineties/early aughts Redbirds.  Since, he has battled injuries and minor league bus trips to get back to the majors.  After shredding AAA for the second straight year, the Mets, devastated by injuries, elected to call him up to the big show.  And he has responded in a big way.  His latest hit, a double that brought in the heart of the Mets order, David Wright and Carlos Beltran, may have been the biggest hit of the Mets season.

Willie Randolph has suddenly become adventurous.  Think that might have something to do with his meeting with the Wilpons?  Hmmm.  Carlos Delgado and Brian Schneider have sat the last two games against left-handers.  That feels like a decision from the front office more than a managerial one.  Tatis, Ramon Castro, and Damion Easley contributed mightily to the series win against the first place Fish, and Binghamton alum Nick Evans had a huge game against the Rockies at Beer Field this past Saturday.  Endy Chavez hit a game-tying homer in the ninth, and also contributed a single tonight.  Carlos Delgado?  Walked in a pinch hit appearance.

Randolph has started pushing buttons, and, at least  for one series, it has paid off. 

A series win against the division leaders could ignite this team.  Great performances by the supporting cast could carry it even further.  If the Mets turn it around, tonight’s 7-6, extra inning win, capped by Tatis, will be considered the turning point.