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Billy Wagner

OK, so maybe I overreacted last night.  I probably wasn’t the only one.  But for anyone who doubted the talents of Billy Wagner (You know who you are…Benigno and Roberts, and the
billy-wagner-pinn.jpgrest of you brain-dead WFAN callers), the bullpen is lost without Wagner.  Number 13 is the closest thing to a sure thing in the Mets’ ‘pen.  Except for about 5 or 6 games a year, you know that the ninth inning is safe with Wagner.  Even Mariano blows saves every now and then.  Fortunately for the Mets, Wagner was back tonight.  And he helped erase the memory of the devastating loss on Tuesday night.



The Train of Irrelevance

The Mets are fighting momentum.  It’s a big, fast, heavy train loaded full of irrelevance was headed right for them.  They held it off last night, after that train ran over Billy Wagner, but Carlos Beltran responded by driving a game-winning, two-run homer with enough force to slow the train down.

F102142~Initiative-Train-Posters.jpgToday, the train plowed into Wagner again, but the Mets simply couldn’t stop it anymore.  Now, they are officially unwilling passengers on the Train of Irrelevance, on their way to a meaningless purgatory of a season. 

Chances of slowing this train down and jumping off are getting slimmer by the moment.  Judging by this series with the Diamondbacks, the Mets are in for a long ride.