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Feel-Good Weekend

Ohm.  Ohm – say it with me – Ohm.  Ohm. 

The Mets had a rough week.  They lost three of four to the Washington Nationals.  Their closer called out their position players.  Mr. Met suffered a concussion.  Well, OK, I don’t know about that last one, but when you have a head like that, any injury is a big injury.

But, this Saturday and Sunday, they swept the New York Yankees – THE NEW YORK YANKEES – in the Bronx in a rain-shortened two-game series. 

Johan Santana pitched 7 – 2/3 solid innings to pick up his fifth win of the season on Saturday.  And Billy Wagner came up with a huge four-out save to slam the door.  And a note to the poorly educated caller who called WFAN after the game on Saturday – Johan has pitched a “decent” game as a Met.  In fact all of his games have been “decent.”  No, he hasn’t been the “ace” every single night, but he has given them innings, strikeouts, and a chance to win every night.  Who can possibly question the impact Santana has had on this team?

Meanwhile, Oliver Perez turned in his best game of the season on Sunday, mixing his fastball and slider with masterful precision.  Why he was taken out with two outs and none on  in the eighth is beyond this blogger.  But that’s Willie for you.  And why wasn’t Willie thrown out instead of Jerry Manuel following the worst call of 2008 – no home run on Carlos Delgado’s blast off the foul pole in left?  Willie was clearly jawing at Bob Davidson, Bob Davidson cleary told Willie to shut up.  Woudn’t that get you fired up?  Instead, it was Manuel who lost it, barking lots of well-earned colorful adjectives at Davidson, resulting in his ejection.

And what was with Jon Miller saying the ball was foul, when it was clearly fair?  Miller tends to take the opposite position of his color man, Joe Morgan, whether he is right or not.  Fortunately, as the game went on, Miller saw the error of his ways.  Let’s see, black paint missing on the foul pole, black paint on the ball?  Two plus two equals what, Jon?

In any event, the 2008 Mets looked like the 2006 Mets this weekend, pounding the Yankees in a convincing series sweep.  This is the kind of series that should propel the Mets forward into the next month and the rest of the season.